Paradise Beach : a portrait of Jean Miez, ex-gangster and ex-taulard become an actor and screenwriter

On the occasion of the release of “Paradise Beach”, with a focus on Jean Miez, ex-bank robber and ex-taulard who co-wrote the screenplay of this film of gangsters directed by Xavier Durringer. Not far from eight years after The Conquest, that traced the rise in power of Nicolas Sarkozy since 2002, Xavier Durringer back with Paradise Beach, a movie of gangsters in the purest tradition of the genre. The story follows a team of ex-robbers running out of the happy days in Thailand, until the day when their former accomplice to Mehdi, who has just spent fifteen years in prison following their last robbery, arrives to retrieve his share of the cake… Was the occasion of the release of this film, close up on his co-screenwriter Jean Miez, a true ex-felon saved by her passion for writing, the theatre and the cinema. Ocean Films Sami Bouajila like a Edward Bunker or a François Troukens, two ex-robbers and ex-prisoners who managed to break through the film via the writing and/or directing, co-writer of Paradise Beach, Jean Miez, also has a lived experience worthy of a character out of a detective movie. Born in 1948 in Vincennes in a poor family (his father was a casualty of war and her mother working), he knows the prison in 17 years following several car thefts. Incarcerated in Fresnes (where he develops his “skills” in anything to do welding and metalwork), it comes out at the end of a few months, and gradually begins to chain up the big crimes, including robberies and burglaries. Alternating stays behind bars and criminal activities, Jean Miez does not take long to be stuck in organized crime. Has 37 years old, he was given a sentence of 20 years in prison but in fact a total of five, saved by his passion for literature, that it bears fruit in isolation. Always during his detention, he was noticed by an agent during a theater workshop at the maison d’arrêt of Bois-d’arcy. At its exit, at the end of the 1980s, he made the acquaintance of Xavier Durringer, a stage director, with whom he wrote I will go to heaven because hell is here in 1996. This was a decisive encounter that marks the beginning of a long collaboration, since the ex-gangster is involved in the writing of the Villains in 1999 (where he plays as the main character), then to Paradise Beach twenty years later. France 2 – Laurent Denis Jean Miez (right) in the series “the hunks” in the meantime, on the strength of his theatrical experience he has developed in prison, Jean Miez plays in several films and tv movies (often made by Xavier Durringer), as Chok-Dee, Lady Bar 2, Winter Red or Conquest. The actor is also present in the series Scalp, The Beautiful guys and The Source (for which Durringer produces six episodes). Irony of fate : his first film role is that of a commissioner of police in Memory of a young con (1995), an autobiographical film about the criminal careers of its director : Patrick Aurignac, ex-bank robber turned actor and filmmaker (he committed suicide in 1997, with a bullet in the head because of several problems related to his drug addiction and the fact that his film has not met with the desired success). It is his encounter with Jean Miez, who has attracted interest from Xavier Durringer to the theme of organized crime, present in several of his films. The director confides : “by his past, ex-gangster and ex-taulard, John vehicle of stories and knowledge worthy of the tragedies of shakespeare. The sequence where Winny (Kool Shen) directs his wife to put his hands on the head to punish her, it is a story authentic to me told Jean Miez. The film is full of this kind of footage that shows the middle of the great crime as it is. Jean Miez me has well explained the difference between these guys and us. We have a problem with someone because he has money, because he sleeps with your woman, the worst of the worst, he breaks the teeth or knees. Them, they face direct.”

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A Great Sun is waiting for you in the week of January 14 to 18, [SPOILERS]

Next week in “A Great Sun”… While Manon’s behaviour is sulphurous to forget Dylan, the grip tightens around Gaëlle Lestrac… Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episodes of such A Great Sun announced next week on France 2 ! Jo is forgiven… But Alex loses all Manu is terminated following a complaint by Gaëlle for moral harassment and beatings. While all his colleagues support him, Alex remains stubbornly blinded by Gaëlle and puts in doubt the actions of her friend. Crazy in love, he asked Gaëlle in marriage… For his part, Manu decides to investigate solo on the reasons that led Gaëlle to come to Montpellier for murder Oj Dir. He asked Claire and Cecile to help him to protect his rear while he went to Paris to meet with the ex-companion of Gaëlle, who was also his superior in the brigade des stups. It teaches him that she was going out with him for the sole purpose of obtaining information on the death of her father when she was a child and in which he had concluded it was a suicide… He asks Enric to go interrogate Oj in the parlor, and learns that the father of Gaëlle had an affair with her twenty years ago, and he ended his days shortly after she went away… Manu includes everything : Gaëlle holds Jo responsible for the death of his father and wanted revenge. At the same time, Alex made this same discovery about the past of Gaëlle rummaging through his affairs, after having learned inadvertently that she was looking for a new job in Paris without telling him. He understands that she used him and lied to him all along. She was arrested at her home. In questioning, she admits to having wanted to pay the journalist for the death of his father, and accuses him of destroying everything in his path. Alex wants to have seen nothing, and to have doubted whether Manu, and Jo feels guilty… Manon in full torment lovers Manon believes that she finally has her chance with Dylan when the latter asks him to see; in fact, he asks him to stop hoping that there is something going on between them. They are not part of the same world and have nothing to do together, according to him. A little later, it posts on the social networks a photo of his new girlfriend, a girl very attractive, according to Antonin ! Collapsed, Manon decides to create a profile on a dating site by lying about their age. She meets a boy her age, maxim, and pretends to be a student. But at the time to take the plunge with him, he realizes that this is his first time, and includes that she is a minor. He offers to take their time. But he has no intention of reviewing it… Before understanding that she is the granddaughter of Elizabeth Bastide and thus comes from a very wealthy family… his side, Julien begs Gary to come back and work in The Cosmetic, following the big contract he got with the United States. Always so proud, Gary fully intends to enforce now. Having managed to save the company of the redemption by OIC, Julien soothes finally the tensions with his mother, who now has respect for him. But his victory hardly celebrated, he returns to his everyday life of divorced father and feels very alone. It is then that he is approached by a young woman much younger than him; she offers him a drink at him. Captivated, he agrees… But he forgets that he has custody of Her and Arthur on the night, which surprises him or her with it. They go, shocked, and angry at their father. Simon no longer wants to hide Bilal and Simon continue to be seen, but Simon starts to feel used. Bilal still does not admit that they attend, be it to his roommates yet benevolent. His mother learns that his brother Hakim has refused the job of materials handler that it had found him in The Cosmetic because he is moonlighting on a construction site. While Bilal cancel one of their appointments to spend time with his mother and Marilyn in order to alleviate family tensions, Simon learns by Davia celebrating soon his birthday with all his loved ones, but he has not invited. For him, this is too much : he asks him to take their relationship.

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Tomorrow belongs to us : what awaits you in episode 399 of Wednesday 13 February 2019 [SPOILERS]
Sam : did you know that there is a spin-off of the original series Rita ?

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A Great Sun : the trailer of the episodes from 8 to 12 April 2019
Viewers were engrossed with pleasure in the time loop of Russian Doll

Bracelets red : who is Mona Berard, the new recruit of season 2 ?

After the sudden disappearance of Sarah, “The Bangles red” attending the arrival of Louise, a new patient is seriously ill. Let’s meet this new character and its performer, Manon Berard. PHILIPPE LE ROUX / VEMA PRODUCTION / TF1 The hospital Bracelets red has reopened its doors for a 2nd season new. Again this year, hopes are born ; of the disappointments hit ; and love is to be discovered. While the little band must make the mourning of the disappearance of Sarah (Esther Valding), a new patient is admitted to the service. Louise will she be welcomed to the clan of the Straps red ? Mona Berard, his interpreter, will-t-it its place in the hearts of the viewers ? A passionate person with no filter Louise made her appearance in the series since the first episode of season 2. Cf for a few years already, the teenager, whose condition worsens, is forced to return to the hospital. Was just 17 years old, the girl appears to be both idealistic, passionate, as well as being more mature. Sensitive to the fate of our planet, it has established a foundation for the protection of the environment in order to clean the oceans of plastic that pollutes the environment. Its commitment is also indicative of his need to leave a trace of its passage before the death comes to pick. Our relationship, his temperament franc may lead to a few disappointments. His awkwardness only will they not be adopted by the other members of the band ? PHILIPPE LE ROUX / VEMA PRODUCTION / TF1 With the team of the season 2 “Wristbands red”. A service welcomed… Mona Berard, who lends her traits to Louise, is a beginner in the business. The teenager was noticed with The boom of Julia Ferrari, a short film by Géraldine de Margerie, author and filmmaker who has notably assisted in the development of the arches of the season 2 of Ten percent. She then plays Fedora, was invited with her best friend at a party held by the most popular girl of the school. Of course, events take a disturbing turn. This movie is worth to him to be distinguished in 2016 as the Best actress at the Festival Turn-Short and Best hope of women at the Festival Jean Carmet. When the opportunity to participate in the season 2 Bracelets red this, Mona doesn’t hesitate. Even if the filming requires him to be away from his loved ones and to interrupt his studies. For the time being, the young woman is not yet certain to start in a full-time acting career. It will re-start next August in Montreal, Canada, where she planned to resume classes and try a course in psychology. The experience of the Bracelets rouges will lead a review of its ambitions ? Only the future will tell us. The Boom of Julia Ferrari – Extract – from Alexander Icovic on Vimeo .

Disney+ : the series Hawkeye confirmed, two documentaries Marvel ordered
Trailer Hobbs & Shaw : Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham VS Idris Elba in the spin-off of Fast & Furious

Tonight on tv : matt "Akira" and "the Danger from The young"

You don’t know what to watch tonight ? The Drafting of AlloCiné shows you the movies and series on tv. In the program : the first role of Romain Duris, a japanese anime cult and Marion Cotillard in the Dardenne brothers. “Helped subdue” the Danger from The young Cédric Klapisch with Romain Duris, Vincent Elbaz (Arte, 20h55) : “at the Age of just 20 years, Romain Duris exploded in the eyes of the general public in the role of Tomasi, a teen rebel and outgoing. In front of the camera by Cédric Klapisch, the actor reveals sparkling spontaneity, predicting the great career that was going to be hers thereafter. We follow with great pleasure this group of friends engaging, not without a hint of nostalgia for an era now gone. The film also revealed Vincent Elbaz, which was reflected in a memorable sequence of revision of the Tray.” Vincent Formica Akira trailer VO Akira by Katsuhiro Ôtomo (Ciné + Club, 22.55) : “A reference in terms of animation and science-fiction was a landmark in the history of japanese cinema (and even the world !). The designs are highly crafted, the animation fluid, and above all the futuristic universe of cities is murky with desire. The film dates from 1988 but very well-aged, that it is a level of aesthetics or themes.” Laurent Schenck Two days, one night trailer VF, Two days, one night Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, with Marion Cotillard, Fabrizio Rongione (OCS City, 20h40) : “The Dardenne brothers weave a social work strong with Two days, one night Marion Cotillard carries the film on his shoulders, in all simplicity, with no frills. It carries a bit of everything on his passage to his presence, glowing and draw with power in a cruel and unfair the working world. A film relentless and necessary.” Vincent Formica “Permitted to speak” And otherwise, among all the movies that are coming this evening, what is your favorite ? What are you going to watch this on Wednesday the 20th of march ? To find all programs, go directly to the grid by clicking here.

Black Lightning season 2 : a conclusion without a flash of genius, our balance sheet
Grey’s Anatomy-season 15 : the doctors of Grey-Sloan Memorial will resume service in march on TF1

The Pier : we saw the pilot of the new series of the creators of The Casa de Papel

Broadcast on Monday 28 January on the Spanish channel Movistar+ and soon on TF1, The Pier (“The pier” in French) is an intimate drama around a sudden death, shattering the lives of two women opposite. What is it about ? Alexandra (Verónica Sánchez), an architect, accomplished, learns the death of her husband Oscar (Álvaro Dead) during the night. According to the police, he would have committed suicide, which is incomprehensible for Alexandra, because both were spinning the perfect love. But it is not the end of his troubles when she discovers that her husband was leading a double life with another woman, Veronica (Irene Arcos)… Committed to understand the real reasons of his death, she decides against the advice of her relatives to get in touch with Veronica to try to discover how Oscar, although sincerely in love with her, has been living a lie for all these years. What really happened during the night, during which he had ended his days ? It looks like what ? The Pier trailer VO is Our opinion that The Pier marks the third collaboration between the show runners and producers To lex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato, after the thriller prison Behind the bars and the cardboard Netflix Casa de Papel. A thousand places the action is very good for their previous creation – and although we find the Professor, Álvaro Dead , in the guise of Oscar – creators spaniards deliver this time, an intimate drama that doubled as a survey, with the theme of the polyamour in the background. Has never really the person that we love ? Can we sincerely love two people at once ? Until where is it possible to go in the lie ? These are all questions that Alexandra finds herself abruptly confronted so that all his certainties crumble at the death of Oscar. In this pilot to the realization sober and licked, we follow the point of view of Alexandra as she tries to gather the pieces of the puzzle. But in this story, which mainly relies on flashbacks, nothing says that the next episodes will not be focused on other protagonists. The contrast between the great metropolis and the Spanish countryside wild (the series partly takes place in Valencia, in the natural park of the Albufera) is used as a metaphor for the personalities are the exact opposite of Alexandra, careerist and urban, and Verónica, without ties and anti-establishment. Although little stingy with the effects of sensational, this first episode keeps us by a plot treated with sensitivity and a trio of actors convincing. To see if the original order for the string Movistar+ will convince the public of TF1, decidedly served in matters of extramarital affairs, after the dissemination of Infidel in January. The chain has announced that it has acquired the rights to the series on the occasion of the MIPCOM in October, and is expected to broadcast the series in prime time here this summer. The Witcher, Watchmen, The Mandalorian… The 19 new american series the most eagerly awaited of 2019

Had you noticed that ? The small hidden details of Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom
Bracelets red : focus on Matthew Torloting, the brother of Louise in season 2

Mortal Kombat 11 : the past and the present collide in the Trailer for history of the game

Warner bros. Games and NetherRealm studios, creator of the franchise “Mortal Kombat,” unveiling the trailer for the story mode of “Mortal Kombat 11”. When it comes to travel through time and dimensions. Warner Bros. Games / NetherRealm Studios If the fighting games for the versus game are rarely good bedfellows, with the development of a semblance of plot / story, story to delve into the background of the game, one is totally convinced of the contrary, since a time, at NetherRealm studios, the dads of the franchise Mortal Kombat. The developers have taken the habit, with the blessing of the guru-in-chief Ed Boon, to play on the contrary at the bottom the card narrative, by offering players a story mode that is redolent of the series B, or even Z, but that is mostly completely covered and follows with a real pleasure. In the clear, a story mode conceived and designed like a real little movie. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm studios come to think of the fans by unveiling a teaser Trailer revealing the original mystery of the Mortal Kombat 11 on the bottom of time travel, which is inscribed in the continuity of the epic saga of the franchise. The defeat of the ancient evil god Shinnok vs. Raiden has provoked the wrath of Kronika and upset the balance that it wanted to establish between good and evil. In order to restore the stability of the kingdoms, Kronika has only one solution : go back in time and resume the story from his point of departure.

Throughout the story mode, different periods of Mortal Kombat is entrechoqueront. The player will embody a variety of old and new characters to join forces to defeat the armies of the Shadowlands under the orders of Shao Khan, and counter the threat of a crisis time. By the way, the editor took the opportunity to confirm the presence of the characters of Jacqui Briggs (daughter of Jax, the Kombattant arm bionic), found erroneous Black, the charismatic gunslinger who was discovered in the previous episode, and finally Cassie Cage, daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. And the video unveiling the new version of Cassie Cage, with a Fatality absolutely brilliant :