Bracelets red : who is Mona Berard, the new recruit of season 2 ?

After the sudden disappearance of Sarah, “The Bangles red” attending the arrival of Louise, a new patient is seriously ill. Let’s meet this new character and its performer, Manon Berard. PHILIPPE LE ROUX / VEMA PRODUCTION / TF1 The hospital Bracelets red has reopened its doors for a 2nd season new. Again this year, hopes are born ; of the disappointments hit ; and love is to be discovered. While the little band must make the mourning of the disappearance of Sarah (Esther Valding), a new patient is admitted to the service. Louise will she be welcomed to the clan of the Straps red ? Mona Berard, his interpreter, will-t-it its place in the hearts of the viewers ? A passionate person with no filter Louise made her appearance in the series since the first episode of season 2. Cf for a few years already, the teenager, whose condition worsens, is forced to return to the hospital. Was just 17 years old, the girl appears to be both idealistic, passionate, as well as being more mature. Sensitive to the fate of our planet, it has established a foundation for the protection of the environment in order to clean the oceans of plastic that pollutes the environment. Its commitment is also indicative of his need to leave a trace of its passage before the death comes to pick. Our relationship, his temperament franc may lead to a few disappointments. His awkwardness only will they not be adopted by the other members of the band ? PHILIPPE LE ROUX / VEMA PRODUCTION / TF1 With the team of the season 2 “Wristbands red”. A service welcomed… Mona Berard, who lends her traits to Louise, is a beginner in the business. The teenager was noticed with The boom of Julia Ferrari, a short film by GĂ©raldine de Margerie, author and filmmaker who has notably assisted in the development of the arches of the season 2 of Ten percent. She then plays Fedora, was invited with her best friend at a party held by the most popular girl of the school. Of course, events take a disturbing turn. This movie is worth to him to be distinguished in 2016 as the Best actress at the Festival Turn-Short and Best hope of women at the Festival Jean Carmet. When the opportunity to participate in the season 2 Bracelets red this, Mona doesn’t hesitate. Even if the filming requires him to be away from his loved ones and to interrupt his studies. For the time being, the young woman is not yet certain to start in a full-time acting career. It will re-start next August in Montreal, Canada, where she planned to resume classes and try a course in psychology. The experience of the Bracelets rouges will lead a review of its ambitions ? Only the future will tell us. The Boom of Julia Ferrari – Extract – from Alexander Icovic on Vimeo .

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